FORMATO: 2 x 5 g / 3 x 3 ml / 1 x 2 g

SKIN TYPE: all skin types.

COVER: medium-high.

FORMULA: Innovative formulations, different textures to get a perfect contouring make up. Modifiable effect.

DESCRIPTION: magnetic palette designed to create a perfect contouring make-up. It contains six different waffles specific for each preparation step. Powder Scuplting to sculpt facial features, Melon Yellow to minimize imperfections and correct skin tone. The Mokuccino and Cream shades allow you to make the softest corrections while Blush Fresh plays the blush function. Thanks to the technique of contouring, the face appears more defined, the most sculptured and appreciated features in a few simple gestures. All the necessary tools are enclosed in this fantastic palette.

APPLICATION: Nee Make Up recommends the use of Magic Brush to achieve perfect contouring.